The Jewellery Show Birmingham 2013

Fashion shows, serenades and glittering cupcakes are a few of the things I enjoyed at the Jewellery Show at Spring Fair International lately in Birmingham.

After assisting Victoria Eggs in the Design Lab section of Contemporary Gift and Home, helping to promote her lovely homeware designs inspired and made in Britain, I went to explore the Jewellery Show. Like being lost in a sparkling maze, bewildered I trawled the seemingly endless rows of stands beautifully displaying designer jewellery, and the gems hall with pile on pile of glistening pearl and crystal strands lined my path and caught my eye, calling me in all directions. I could have spent a fortune on strands of beads, but that wouldn’t be upcycling would it!

As I turned a corner I heard the sound of guitars… Arriving at a circular bar roofed by a mini Eiffel Tower, chocolate fountain to one side, I saw Times Red, boyband from last season’s XFactor, singing and playing on their guitars, looking and sounding as lovely as the jewellery surrounding them. They’re releasing an album so look them up for some listening pleasure and great eye candy!

After this pleasing interlude, I caught a fashion show featuring Britain & Ireland’s Next Top Model contestant Alisha White and some stunning jewellery from London based designer Zelia Horsley, who has designed for Agent Provocateur and Vivienne Westwood. I visited Zelia at her stand where she showed me her collections, which combine shaped acrylic with vintage chain, some which has previously been used for industrial purposes, and some that is over 80 years old, polished up and given an exciting new lease of life. I absolutely love her ingenious flexible cuffs which are made from rectangles of acrylic in your choice of colour, connected by fully functional hinges!


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