Fun with Denim

I’ve been busy chopping up some old jeans in preparation for my new collection, and getting lots of ideas in the process…

I’ve been donated some old Levis and Wranglers, which I’m very excited about. Since they’re men’s jeans there’s more to work with too. Definitely need to use the Levis label…have to think about what to do with this…any suggestions?


Back pockets…these men’s jeans have massive back pockets compared to women’s, and I love that this pair have the little Levi’s label attached. I’m going to fix two back pockets together to make a bag, which I think will be great for I Phones etc, and add a chunky chain for a strap. Retro, urban, and upcycled. Very excited about this idea…these will definitely be part of my new collection.

Made from men's Levis.

Made from men’s Levis.

Garter…tacky?…maybe…but I actually think this looks quite good, it matches my denim shirt! I really like the ripped look, it’s a complete contrast to the frilly wedding style – I’m thinking about adding a couple of subtle silver spikes. Short shorts are so popular now, and I love my miniskirts, so it makes sense to decorate our legs a bit more. Stocking style tights are pretty popular too, so I’d love to know if you think this could catch on. Leave me a comment (see below post) to let me know your style and opinion!

Made from men's Levis.

Made from men’s Levis.

Paint…I’ve poured and splashed bleach on one part of the denim because I’m going to dye it for a grunge effect. Made sure I used rubber gloves and avoiding bleaching the carpet! Also managed to keep the cat at bay. Not bad for a first attempt! I love a bit of paint on denim, it gives it a really arty, rough and ready look. I once saw a girl in the underground wearing a denim jacket and the whole back panel was decorated with dashes of different coloured paint – wish I’d got a photo. I’m experimenting with white and metallic acrylic paint to create a galaxy effect


…can’t wait to turn this into a blinged up grungy necklace.


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  1. […] and other materials to insure quality. We love to experiment and our denim is hand treated with bleach, dye and paint creating completely one-of-a-kind material in exciting and vibrant colour combinations. We […]

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