LIKE NEVER BEFORE’s brand new ABOUT page!

Introducing our brand new ABOUT page…Teal Necklace

LIKE NEVER BEFORE statement jewellery will bring unique couture to your daily dress up. Designer Elizabeth Rhodes rejuvenates fashion textiles and past trends of the 80’s and 90’s to create current and innovative jewellery. Every piece tells a story, being completely unique or limited edition, designed and handmade here in London from upcycled denim and other vintage printed clothing.

Like Never Before is about transformation, and is inspired by 80’s and 90’s music, film, comedy, fashion, street style, social movements and subcultures. Like Never Before encapsulates thenostalgia, style, attitude and shocking changes of these times. The rebelling youth of Grunge, the space age introduction of technology, to break away from the mainstream, to be a man and wear make-up, to shock, delight and to have fantasies and dreams that are just on the horizon.

Like Never Before is made from upcycled textiles as opposed to upcycled metal jewellery which makes us different to most brands. The easy access to so much cheap, disposable fashion on our high street today is contributing to a massive wastage in textiles, much bigger than metal jewellery wastage, so to find new uses for unwanted clothing means we can be fashion conscious but with a conscience. Like Never Before seeks to bring you original, quality jewellery that comes with astory and an edge.

A lot of time and effort goes into making our pieces, from the design process to our search for textiles, to making our trademark rosettes which requires great precision. We hunt for unique patterned textiles and we tribute loved designer brands such as Levi’s, Versace, Converse and Armani through our choice of denim and other materials to insure quality. We love to experiment and our denim is hand treated with bleachdye and paint creating completely one-of-a-kind material in exciting and vibrant colour combinations. We only use gold and silver plated or upcycled chain to compliment our pieces, and many items include genuine leather.

Rock on!

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