We Make London at Camden Market

After visiting Camden Lock Market to take part in the We Make London Designer’s Market, I rushed off on my hols to Turkey, so it’s taken me until now to give you the lowdown! It was a great day with lovely weather and some excellent things for sale. Our brand new photo’s were strung up and flapped happily in the breeze along with the colourful market bunting. It was brilliant being under the bridge in middle yard in the throng of things, and I couldn’t help sneaking off to sample all the different foods in the market by the lock – think I sampled about 7 different stalls! Our 2 for £10 Denim Tag Earrings went down a treat too, and our customised designer denim shorts were much admired.

The We Make London Markets are on a couple of times a month and are a great place to find unique items handmade by local designers! If you missed us this time, check back here for updates for forthcoming events!



  1. I love those necklaces!

    1. Thanks for your lovely comment, I look forward to reading your blog. I love beads! I have just put up those necklaces for sale on Etsy along with lots of other new pieces! xx

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