I remember when I was a ‘grungy’ aged 15, in my cord pantaloons and metal stud wristbands and eyeliner. Someone really should have told me that Cradle of Filth wasn’t a grunge band. Oh well, at least I had the teenage angst down.

Nowadays, most of my inspiration comes from 80s and 90s music and fashion, maybe because I was born in the 80s, maybe because there’s just a lot of great fashion and music from those eras!

Typically, grunge fashion isn’t about fashion, it’s about ease, convenience, durability and being rough and ready. But that doesn’t mean we can’t make it fashion! A lot of grunge music originates from colder American states like Seattle, so flannel shirts, t-shirts, jeans and sneakers were popular wear. Layer it up – it’s getting cold outside! I’m more of a fan of the psychedelic glam grunge of my fave band Smashing Pumpkins, who add colour and sparkle to the grunge look to create something more alternative – think silver stars and turquoise hair.

3 Ways to Dress Grunge from Very

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