New Year’s Resolutions

Happy New Year everyone! What better place than to set some New Year Resolutions for LIKE NEVER BEFORE!

I know that, like for everybody else, new years resolutions are always hard to stick to. Where did you write yours? Was it on the loo, with twenty minutes to go until the countdown, frantically scrawling a note to yourself on some toilet roll as a reminder to not drink so much next year, only to flush it away without a second thought? Maybe, still stuck in the office come late, you took a second to write it on a post it and stick it to your head, ‘not to work so hard’. Or maybe you did the opposite. Maybe you bought a brand new hand bound, leather notebook, and sat down and carefully neatly wrote out many many resolutions which you are sure to keep because you couldn’t insult your nice new journal plus your own time and effort spent, by not sticking to your list, but now you feel super stressed because the first day of January 2014 has arrived and how are you possibly going to achieve all that???

Well do not fret, because we can only do what we can, and if you believe in something enough you will make it happen! 

I have been so busy lately I have neglected this blog, it’s followers, and Like Never Before jewellery itself. Which is SO SAD. It is my new years resolution to rectify this, because I love writing, and designing, and it is my passion to make this a success.

This year, LIKE NEVER BEFORE will…


  • Have a new, inspiring collection.
  • Have a new, inspiring photoshoot/look book.
  • Have it’s own domain.
  • Be displayed in more real shops as well as online shops, including ASOS Marketplace.
  • Feature at more markets and events.
  • Blog more often.
  • Have a new section to the website dedicated to your street fashion.
  • Be featured in fashion blogs, online magazines, and shared lots more across the web

If you want to leave your new years resolution in the comments, it would be great to read them for inspiration. Try to stick to just one, and something you are really passionate about. Make it a year Like Never Before.


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