New Pop-Up Shop at Greenwich Market

wears londonThe amazing online fashion store Wears London, which features LIKE NEVER BEFORE jewellery, has opened a brand new pop-up shop in Greenwich Market! Head down there to see brilliant unique clothing, accessories and jewellery from London-based independent designers, including LIKE NEVER BEFORE.

The shop is situated in the centre of Greenwich market, surrounded exciting craft and design stalls and fab foods stalls too. I love the fine tailored tweed jackets by costume designer to the stars, Liberty Kelly, the vintage style shoes by Yull, elegantly displayed, and the fabulous upcycled rubber purses by RECLAIM are so unique and great value too.

The jewellery is displayed in open cabinets so you can try it on, where you can find statement LIKE NEVER BEFORE necklaces and spiked cuff bracelets.

I also love Charlotte Filshie‘s subtle silver and gold geometric pieces, made from unconventional materials such as vinyl floor tiles and metallic wall-covering, and these vintage coin earrings, displayed beautifully with old books…

Visit the Wears London website for more…



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  2. Hey, this looks good and the clothes in the pop up store seem right up my street. Can you tell me how long this pop up shop will be here for please? also, what sort of price range are these clothes and accessories because I usually have a budget of £5 and usually only shop on ebay (bit weird i know but thats the new thing i’m trying at the moment, The bay trend). Would appreciate a reply, i’m new to this blogging thing so not sure if this is a standard comment lol.

  3. Hiya! Not a weird question. I’m not sure how long the shop will be there for, it depends how it goes. The owner is looking into larger store spaces as well though. There is definitely a good selection of items. Prices vary but some things are a bit more expensive as they are from unique designers. My large necklaces are currently selling for £40 but small earrings are less than £10. If you’re interested in budgeting you could try upcycling too, have a look here:

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