Hi everyone!

Wouldn’t it be sweet if you had one site that notified you every time one of your favorite bloggers had written something new?

I’ve been on Bloglovin’ for ages but I’m just getting to know it now. It’s great because you can follow any blogs you like, regardless of whether they’re from WordPress, Tumblr, Blogspot or anywhere else, and there’s a search engine so you can look for any topics you’re interested in. I searched for ‘grunge fashion’ ha!

I’ve got a link to the right   which you can click to follow Club LNB through Bloglovin’ if you don’t have a WordPress account and like to follow blogs from all over.

It will only list the posts of the blogs which you follow which you haven’t yet read, and you can choose the way you order them! It’s simple to use and you can connect through Facebook. You can also download the really practical and easy Iphone APP!

Click on the link below to be taken to Bloglovin!


<a href=””>Follow my blog with Bloglovin</a>



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