Cagecity Collection: Summer in Space

Hi guys!

I’ve been busy making an exclusive collection for exciting online shop Cagecity, and I want to share the creation of the collection, ‘Summer in Space’ with you, as I think it makes it extra special if you know how a piece of jewellery came to be.

Here is a collage of the photos which inspired me.

Cagecity Collection InspirationI researched retro-futurism – how people in the past envisaged the future. I love the triangular shapes of the space pyramids and the inverted triangles which can be seen in so many 80’s graphics. I love the pink and blue galaxy prints which are so popular at the moment, and feature prominently in many spacey retro graphics too. I loved the idea of marrying these sharp images with the softness of the powdery pink and blue fashions of the French court in Marie Antoinette’s time, to create an irresistibly girly look. Her black chokers inspire the popular 90’s fashion trend and ruffles and puffs add softness and frivolity which have an ethereal, cloud-like feel. This collection shows what Marie Antoinette, or a similar lady of high society, would choose to wear if she summered in Space.

Cagecity Sketches UpdatedI was excited to take on the challenge of creating a soft and girly look from a rough and ready material such as denim. I hand dyed and bleached the denim to create a unique galaxy effect in pinky-purple and turquoise. I chose to emphasise the sharpness of the space inspired shapes by incorporating shiny spikes and triangles of metallic leather in gold and silver. Adding white see-through tulle and multi-faceted crystals created soft ruffles and twinkles like a galaxy of stars. The shapes and layouts of my designs were inspired by the shapes of galaxies, particularly the spiked cuffs and denim swirl necklaces.

Cagecity materials

Take a look at the finished products!

These include 10 unique pieces including reveresible triangle pendants you can wear two ways, matching triangle triangle statement earrings, statement swirl necklaces, spiked galaxy cuffs, and a super cute choker and matching bracelet. You have a choice of gold or silver, pink or blue, or a bit of both!

View them online here: and watch my  interview with Nadine, the creator of Cagecity, below, to hear more about my process and inspiration!

cagecity model 1

blue spiral necklacetriangle pendants



cagecity model 5triangle earrings 3spiked cuffs completepurple spiral necklace - Copy


cagecity model 3bracelet and choker 2 - Copy































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