New Stockist – Shaboutique Brighton

Exciting news! Club LNB jewellery is now stocked in exciting new shop Shaboutique in the Open Market in Brighton!


The shop has only been open since July and it is being transformed every week. It sells some fantastic pieces from a great selection of different designers including fab upcycled furniture such as lovingly redecorated vintage cabinets and chairs, and items slightly more unexpected. Check out this skateboard throne and these VHS bookshelves!

skateboard chair vhs storage

This restored chair has been hand decoupaged with paper leaves which still show hints of text!


As well as Club LNB jewellery you will also come across rubber jewellery, textile jewellery and loads of upcycled clothing. I also love the gorgeous cushions and hand knitted throws, cute cards and fabric bunting! It’s such a great place for gifts, or to find something unique to treasure.

cushionsHere are some of my favourite items…doorhandle hooks…tobacco packet pop art…Marvel comics clock…decoupaged old vinyl record bowl.

hooks smoking kills decoupage

All the fixtures and fittings are made from upcycled items too! The strip lights are decorated with mattress springs, the dressing room is an old wardrobe, the shelving units are made from wooden pallets, and the clothing rails are ladders!

mattress lightingIt’s a really inspiring place full of great ideas.

Find out more here


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