Creating a Display in Shaboutique

I have been busy working on a new display area for Club LNB in Shaboutique Brighton and it’s finally up! I have painted and sanded pallets which have been fixed to the walls, and I have been busy making some shelves to slot into the pallets.

painted shelves

Check out my handiwork! I used a drill and an electric sander and lots of coats of paint.

painted shelves2

I wanted to create an area where you can really see what Club LNB is about as a whole, with jewellery, clothing and accessories all in one place, with photos to give you a sense of how to wear the pieces. I want the display to be fun, eye-catching and inviting.

And here it is…

full length displayVintage designer shorts, jumbo scrunchies in denim and tartan for winter, every one unique, and cute denim tag earrings in an array of colours…

scrunchiesVibrant spiral statement necklaces to brighten up the rainy days, and cute upcycled make up bags to match…


closeup1Silver moon pendant chokers in a choice of two tone colours, and pastel and grungy spiked and bejewelled bracelets and chokers.

braceletsI will keep you updated as the display evolves. I hope to have some polaroids displayed soon of people modelling the items, and some exciting new products such as bleached and bejewelled shopper bags!

Let me know what you like best, and if you have any ideas too! xx




  1. Really cool display. Love it!!

  2. mate, this look really awesome xxx

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