About Me

Hello! So glad you found me!

I’m Elizabeth, a 20 something dreamer struggling to accept life in the real world of work!

2014-07-11 11.54.52Call me girly and irresponsible, but all I want to do is create fashion and jewellery, based upon my lifelong inspirations, which in my imagination will lead to a thrilling and glamorous lifestyle!

I am currently working in a bead and jewellery shop in Brighton, though I am originally from London. I created Club LNB over a year ago, but had to cut it short when I began my training to become a primary school teacher. When I decided to take a break halfway into the course, to go back to my passion, as corny as it sounds, it felt like I was free to live my dreams. Since then I have discovered that ‘making it’ is a much slower process. Being a worrier and huge procrastinator does hold me back, but I hope that my efforts to pursue my passion will encourage you to do the same.

Initially I began this blog to promote Club LNB, but I plan to make it a more personal blog from now on, and you will find a lot to inspire you here. I enjoy writing and photography, and love 80s and 90s comedy, fashion, design, music and film, and this a place where I can pay tribute to these passions, instead of ramming them down my friends throats like I used to at school. Follow me to read more about my film, music and style inspirations, my creative experiments, trips to design and sales events, and get ideas for designing and upcycling your own items.

Also, please be patient with me. I am truly a nineties child, with a retro phone, and it may take me some time to figure out Instagram etc., but I am working on it! In the meantime, I have almost mastered Facebook and Twitter, if you care to follow me…





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