End of the drought

Hi guys and gals!

Wow! I didn’t realise quite how long it had been since I posted! I’m really sorry!

If you have read my about page you will know all about my internal struggle with life ha! passing pgceWell, my head won, and I returned to my teacher training and I am now a qualified primary school teacher! I now know it was the right decision and I am really proud of my achievement, but it has been such a challenge. My placement was in Crawley and I can’t drive, so it took me an hour and a half to get there door to door from where I live in Brighton, so I was getting up at 5:55 every day and getting home about 7:15, only to do more work until bedtime. It was intense! I taught a rowdy class of 5 and 6 year olds, so there wasn’t really a moment’s peace, but they were lovely and I miss them now!

I also really miss my jewellery making and Club LNB, and I’m so excited I have some time now to focus on this again!

I have just restocked my Etsy shop with nearly 40 items, including a brand new collection and will be posting on here again soon!

I have also created a YouTube channel and will be publishing some DIY videos soon!!!

net and moon crystal choker

If you would like any advice or info on my PGCE experience send me a comment! xxx


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