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Tie Dye Tote Bags

Hi guys! You may have seen me post this picture of these plain old canvas bags on Facebook a few weeks ago… Well I have used my bleaching, dying and upcycling powers and they have been transformed into these technicolour bags which will make any shopping experience a brighter one! I just love them all […]

Creating a Display in Shaboutique

I have been busy working on a new display area for Club LNB in Shaboutique Brighton and it’s finally up! I have painted and sanded pallets which have been fixed to the walls, and I have been busy making some shelves to slot into the pallets. Check out my handiwork! I used a drill and […]

Cagecity Collection: Summer in Space

Hi guys! I’ve been busy making an exclusive collection for exciting online shop Cagecity, and I want to share the creation of the collection, ‘Summer in Space’ with you, as I think it makes it extra special if you know how a piece of jewellery came to be. Here is a collage of the photos […]

DIY Wednesday: Tight Tights Crop Top

Hi guys! OMG! I cannot believe how easy it is to make this sheer crop top. Be inspired by TLC and use fishnets! Make finger loops and add a strip of contrasting material for a totally unique look! Use tights or leggings, the possibilities are endless! Thanks ItsMyRayeRaye DIY queen! xx

DIY Wednesday: Spice Girl Platforms

Hi guys!  It’s the second ever Club LNB DIY Wednesdays! Woop woop! Watch this wicked video by SERCNM Lightning on how to make your very own platform trainers, Spice Girls style! (They say ‘creepers’ but they’re something else!) I would strengthen these bad boys by using superglue instead and fabric ribbon. You could do this to […]

DIY Wednesday: Gemstone Jelly Shoes

Hi guys! Check out this fab visual tutorial for creating your very own unique Dolce and Gabbana inspired bejeweled sandals, by Miss Kris! I love how sparkly they are and you can put you’re own unique stamp on them! For more tutorials view our DIY Pinterest Board!  

Nirvana Bleach Photoshoot

Here are the picture from my new lookbook, styled around a  Nirvana (appropriately named) Bleach CD case. I wanted to find a way of getting across the grungy feel of the jewellery. I took them in bright sunlight and love the black and white contrast, the strong shadows, and the edge it gives the jewellery.