Hi guys! Our exclusive jewellery collection ‘Summer in Space’ for online shop Cagecity is being featured at their brand new pop-up shop in South London, open for one week only! Check it out for loads of unique items from new designers and a chance to take part in a photoshoot for the website! Advertisements

Hi guys! I’ve been busy making an exclusive collection for exciting online shop Cagecity, and I want to share the creation of the collection, ‘Summer in Space’ with you, as I think it makes it extra special if you know how a piece of jewellery came to be. Here is a collage of the photos […]

I’m getting into the grunge spirit this Friday by raiding my boyfriend’s wardrobe for his Nirvana t-shirt, which is from Topman! I’ve styled it with some old Levi’s cut offs, my grey Converse and a Club LNB natural frayed denim bracelet and earrings, available on Etsy. Check out these other Nirvana tops from Forever 21 […]

Hi guys! OMG! I cannot believe how easy it is to make this sheer crop top. Be inspired by TLC and use fishnets! Make finger loops and add a strip of contrasting material for a totally unique look! Use tights or leggings, the possibilities are endless! Thanks ItsMyRayeRaye DIY queen! xx

From stars, to crucifixes, to bindis, to yin and yang, we’ll don powerful symbols with passion, yet often without a thought to their true representation, only for the love of fashion. I get lots of lovely compliments for wearing my crosses proudly, but little do they know that my religion is purely sartorial. These are […]

I love these shoes they are so jazzy and so 90s! The combination of bright tropical colours with bold black is striking. The spiky palm leaves go perfectly with our spiked necklace and earrings creating a colourful yet edgy look! Click on the links below to shop these items or visit our Etsy shop for […]

Hi guys!  It’s the second ever Club LNB DIY Wednesdays! Woop woop! Watch this wicked video by SERCNM Lightning on how to make your very own platform trainers, Spice Girls style! (They say ‘creepers’ but they’re something else!) I would strengthen these bad boys by using superglue instead and fabric ribbon. You could do this to […]